About us

What we do

Are you are hungry diner? Looking for a restaurant or food delivery? Food is your bread & butter. Menu pricing is our business. People are used to searching for menus online before ever leaving the couch. Today, skilled consumers use online research to decide where they want to dine, 93 % of people view online menus.

We have been monitoring Australia restaurants menus prices for a while, so we’re pretty good at it. Our goal is to organize the menu prices and AU restaurant information for potential customers.

We believe in making it simple for foodies, which is why we put it in one place - menus, prices, operating hours, delivery options. Customers want to know what’s so special about the restaurant before they step foot in the door.

Word of mouth is a valuable tool to make sure it works for you by speaking to your clients. Reviews show how the restaurant operates in terms of customer success, staff, price, quality, and food.

Seventy-five percent of people turn to online research, and 92% read reviews when choosing a restaurant. Moreover, 70 percent visit a place within the same hour if people perform local searches.

Our mission

More than 5 billion restaurant searches are performed on Google alone every month.

To decide where to dine, customers need business information such as restaurant address, phone, the operating hours, and what's on the menu.

People are reluctant to drive to a restaurant and wait at the table until the waiter hands them over a paper menu to view their choices.

Our goal is to let people know if a restaurant has the dish they want and provide the pricing information.